Site safety & general info

This section will give you information about what we have done and what we do too make sure the site is as safe as possible.


We take the safety of our customers and staff very seriously, and have carried out a number of checks/inspections prior to the opening of the venue and also on a daily basis;

  • The water was tested by Swim Safety in June 2023, meeting the criteria for EC Bathing compliant, with an excellent result against all areas.
  • We have had our qualified staff inspect the water, to make sure there are no obvious dangers, both in the water and in the areas around the quarry.
  • An independant Technical Advisor carried out a detailed inspection of the quarry, advising us on all areas of water safety.
  • Risk Assessment and Operating procedures created to identify potential risks and put control measures in place.
  • As part of our AALA (HSE) license we have the quarry inspected on a yearly basis, the most recent in June 2023.
  • The working face of the quarry has been cheked by our qualified climbers and loose stone removed. Areas we deemed too dangerous have been cordened off and access denied.
  • While there are craft on the water, we have a fully qualified member of staff on the water to ensure safety of our customers. The staff member is Outdoor First Aid trained and White Water Safety and rescue trained as a minimum.

As well as all this, we can carry out daily checks on the site.